Server CoLocation Pricing

Pricing for hosting your server(s) in our new state-of-the-art Mesa Data Center are based on the amount of rack space you wish to use plus the amount of bandwidth that you desire. As you can see, our pricing options are extremely affordable!


Rack Space                                 note: 1U = 1.75″ in height

  • 1U rackspace – $39/mo. includes up to 1 Amp of electricity
  • 2U rackspace – $59/mo. includes up to 2 Amp of electricity
  • 4U rackspace – $99/mo. includes up to 6 Amp of electricity
  • 1/2 rack (~19U) – $189/mo. includes up to 10 Amp of electricity
  • Full rack (~38U) – $360/mo. includes up to 20 Amp of electricity
  • Extra power @ $17/mo. per Amp


  • 256kbps – $9/mo.
  • 512kbps – $15/mo.
  • 1Mbps – $23/mo.
  • 5Mbps – $99/mo.
  • 10Mbps – $169/mo.
  • per M after 10Mbps @ $16/mo.

You may bring your own UPS or plug into our UPS for $5/mo per server.

Give us a call at 480 892-9393 to setup your server hosting today!

* Prices subject to change, please contact us for current rates. Pricing above is for a 1 year term agreement. Pricing for longer contract terms with lower prices may be available. Comes with 1-32 Public IP Addresses depending on the number of servers and bandwidth that is being purchased, additional IP addresses available at a rate of $60 per month for a block of 256 IP Addresses (contact us for availability and current prices).

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